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This is the collagen powder & MCT oil I’ve been using with GREAT results, and I also love their bars & nut butter. I negotiated this special deal for you so you can try them out (or stock up) – but at a SWEET discount!

I always watch for sales & discounts to stock up too. 😉

End-of-July Deal! 🌞 Ends Tonight (7/31) at Midnight Eastern

➡️ Get 20% off my favorite Perfect Keto products at this link:

(I added more product pictures & details below about what I use – and so you can SEE the texture of their delicious keto bars)

The special code is LCT20 and will automatically take 20% off your entire cart (of $40+) when you use this link.

My personal favorites that I order on repeat are their:

☑️ Unflavored Collagen Powder
☑️ MCT C8/C10 Oil
☑️ Nut Butter (super creamy!)
☑️ Almond Butter Brownie Bars

I like all four flavors of their bars, but Almond Butter Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough are my two favorites.

They have the perfect texture with rich chocolate chunks and crunchy bits – and GREAT ingredients. 😍

This is the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough bar and the Almond Butter Brownie bar:

Perfect Keto Bars

I have been testing/trying various collagen powders and theirs is definitely the best so far. Some of the collagen I’ve tried has a funky taste/smell to it and totally RUINS my coffee. The Perfect Keto collagen powder is totally tasteless / odorless and blends in super smooth – no funk. 😉

I didn’t like their flavored mct oil powder & collagen powder, those were too sweet for me, so I get unflavored – plus you can mix it into ANYthing that way.

Keto Collagen Packets - Keto Travel Packs

I’m using that daily in my coffee with GREAT results. I could tell a noticeable (BIG!) difference in my hair & nails within a few short weeks of using it in my coffee.

(I only use those travel packs when I’m traveling. The tub is much cheaper for using at home, so I just ordered 3 more!)

Their MCT Oil is very high quality and passed my scrupulous comparison research. I use & recommend the C8/C10 MCT Oil – I get the same great results as with the pure C8 oil, but the C8/C10 costs less. 😉

They also have high quality MCT Oil Powder if you prefer powder over oil. (If you’re unsure, leave a comment and ask me!)

➡️ Go to this page because it already has my four favorites on it, and it has the discount coded into it – or add code LCT20 to cart at checkout to get 20% off your entire order of $40+.

It ends up saving you A LOT. 😉

Enjoy the discount! 💕

Lynn Terry,
aka @LowCarbTraveler

p.s. 🚫 I do NOT use anything with exogenous ketones so skip those products, including their “base” which has those too.

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