Got a minute, for Lasagna I do!!



Have just a minute? GO! Get thee to the kitchen and bring forth the magic.

Whether you’re in the dorm, want to prep meals ahead, or you want a smackerel of something savory, you can whip up these simple Minute Lasagnas in…well… a minute. Because, well, that’s kind of the point, now, isn’t it?

Don’t want the cottage cheese or don’t have any? Use cream cheese, pesto, or skip this altogether.

Minute Microwave Lasagna in a Mug

3 Tbsp pizza sauce (no-sugar added. I use store brands)
3 Tbsp cottage cheese or 2 Tbsp pesto
1/3 cup fresh spinach or greens
2 diced green olives
4 slices pepperoni
1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese

Layer in pizza sauce. Top with pesto or cottage cheese. Add a layer of pizza/lasagna toppings. Add cheese. Press gently. Microwave on high (my microwave is 1000 watts) for one minute. Let cool slightly. Serve.

Makes 1 serving.


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